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Living Legacy Program

In 2006 the Wyoming Board of Agriculture formed the Living Legacy Program. The 100+ year old cottonwood trees at Wyoming State Fair Park were being trimmed and removed because they were breaking or falling down due to their age. They were not safe and beautiful any longer. The Board felt they could do something to replace those trees with new healthy ones so they started the Living Legacy Program.

The trees at State Fair Park are now being replaced through the generosity of sponsors and those purchasing trees. For each 2" caliper tree purchased, a plaque is also planted by the tree noting the name of purchaser or in memory of a lost loved one.

The program runs through Friends of Agriculture, Industry and Recreation (F.A.I.R.) which is a 501C-3 not for profit organization dedicated to the improvement of our state through programs such as this.

Applications are available on this website to either purchase a tree or become a sponsor. With your help we truly can "Bring Back the Canopy".

Living Legacy Tree Program Application Form

Living Legacy Tree Program Sponsorship Form