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Board of Ag Meeting November 13, 2013 PDF Print E-mail

Meeting Announcement

The Wyoming Board of Agriculture has scheduled a board meeting for November 13 beginning at 10 am at the Hilton Inn, 2229 Grand Avenue, Laramie, Wyoming.  At 2 pm they will meet in conjunction with the Game and Fish Commission to begin at 2:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn, 204 S. 30th Street, Laramie, Wyoming.

Members of the Board are; Jana Ginter- District 1, Jim Hodder- District 2, Shaun Sims- District 3, John Moore-District 4, Alison Lass-District 5, Bryan Brost-District 6, Jim Price, Jr.-District 7, Patrick Zimmerer-Southeast, John Hansen-Southwest, Cameron Smith-Northeast, Richard Schlenker-Northwest, Jason Fearneyhough, Director/Board Secretary, Governor Matt Mead’s Office (Ex-Officio), and Dr. Frank Galey, Dean of the UW College of Ag and Natural Resources (Ex-Officio).

During this meeting the Board will talk on the following items:

Action on the October 8 meeting minutes; an update on the State Fair Advisory Board meeting; an update/report on the Living Legacy Program, update on the producer research grants; and set meeting dates for 2014.

During the meeting the Board and Commission with talk on the following items:

Discuss modifying the nomination date of the Access Recognition award winners to January or February rather than March; Discuss primary results of elk for brucellosis testing and an update on brucellosis surveillance; Update on watercraft inspections on aquatic invasive species; Overview of game animal damages for summer/fall 2013; Elk Management - reducing elk numbers in problem areas; and any other administrative matters properly brought before the Board.

This public meeting will be held according to the Wyoming Administrative Procedures Act. If you wish to attend this meeting and you require reasonable accommodation, please contact Muff Parker at (307) 777-6569; fax (307) 777-6593 or e-mail

Wyoming Department of Agriculture