Chapter 52 - Wyoming Petroleum and Antifreeze Products Standards and Regulations Print

The Department of Agriculture is proposing to amend Chapter 52 of the Department’s Rules and Regulations.

Chapter 52 expands upon the standards of fuel quality and registration of antifreeze products sold as outlined in Wyo. Stat. Ann. 40-7-103. It outlines some needed definitions that are not contained in the statute. Outlines labeling of fuel dispensers and storage. Gives specific exemptions for products based on their American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) designation and outlines procedures for antifreeze registrations.

The Department of Agriculture is proposing to make the following amendments to Chapter 52.

  1. To remove definitions and regulations that are currently in statute and are duplicated in rule. To update definitions and add definitions to help meet the intent of the statute.
  2. To update rule to new and changing fuel types and regulations.
  3. Add exemption to allow for the sale of 85 octane fuel.
  4. To adopt federal regulations that apply to fuel sold in Wyoming including important labeling requirements to inform consumers as to the type and quality of fuel being purchased.
  5. Amend antifreeze registration rules to meet current practices.

Formatting changes to conform rules to the Secretary of States required format.

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