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Front entrance of the WDA

Division functions are budget and fiscal control, contracts, grants, MOUs, computer support, human resources, payroll, public information, rules & policy, and inventory.

Analytical Services Lab
Division provides accurate and precise chemical & bacteriological analyses to all clients, ensures quality environment and a healthy food supply through the application of quality science.

Consumer Health Services
Division oversees safety of Wyoming's food supply in conjunction with local health departments. Environmental Health like swimming pool inspection and assisting with drinking water safety is also part of this divisions duties.

Natural Resources & Policy
Division helps manage and enhance Wyoming's natural resources to further the interests of that industry, as well as, increasing the visibility of the agricultural industry.

Technical Services
Division over-sees 14 different laws to allow for truthfully marketed commodities in the state. Programs include: Administration, Pesticide, Plant Industry, Rodent & Predator, Seed Lab, Weed & Pest, and Weights & Measures lab.

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