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Several state and federal agencies administer statutes and rules, which govern the labeling of petroleum fuel dispensing devices. In Wyoming the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Transportation administer these statutes. The Federal Trade Commission enforces the regulations regarding the posting of octane number.

In Wyoming Statutes, labeling is referenced in:

39-17-103(c)(ii) "Every person who sells or offers to sell to the retail trade gasoline blended with alcohol or ethers for use in motor vehicles shall conspicuously display a sign on each pump dispensing the fuel stating the blend of gasoline and alcohol or ethers;….."

40-7-102(a)(xiv) "'Mislabeled' means a package label or dispensing device of a product which bears any statement, design or device regarding it, regarding ingredients or substances therein, or regarding the properties, quality or kind of the products, which is false or misleading in any manner;……"

And in Chapter LII of the regulations:

Section 3. Products to be labeled: "All products must be sold under their true name and grades, respectively, and such names and grades must be impressed or otherwise plainly marked upon the container, can, barrel, vessel, or dispensing device in or through which the product is stored, sold, offered or exposed for sale."

In the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), fuel labeling is addressed:

The Federal Trade Commission regulates octane posting in 16 CFR Part 306 - Automotive Fuel Ratings, Certification and Posting and following is their discussion of the label based on the rule.


The standard gasoline and alternative liquid automotive fuel labels are 3 inches wide by 2 1/2 inches long. The size, typestyle, and dimensions of the labels are specified in the Rule. Gasoline labels are to be printed in black ink on a yellow background. Alternative liquid automotive fuel labels must be printed in black ink on an orange background. The labels should look like the examples shown below.

All labels must be capable of withstanding extremes of weather conditions for a period of at least one year. They must be resistant to automotive fuel, oil, grease, solvents, detergents, and water. The label specifications are included in section 306.12 of the Rule.

If you are covered by the Fuel Rating Rule and wish to change the dimensions of the label to accommodate a longer fuel descriptor, or to accommodate additional fuel components, you must file a petition with the FTC for an exemption from the Rule and state the size and contents of the label you wish to use, and the reasons you want to use it.

Label - Minimum Octane Rating (R+M)/2 Method 93

Label - E-100 Minimum 95% EthanolLabel - M-85 Minimum 85% Methanol

Label - LPG Minimum 90% PropaneLabel - LPG Minimum 90% Propane 2% Butane

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