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Most water samples require multiple sample bottles which contain small quantities of various preservatives. The preservative protects the analyte from degradation during the time between collection and analysis of the sample. About one (1) week before the scheduled sampling event, contact the laboratory to request sample bottles and collection reports. Have the following information available when you call for bottles:

  • Name
  • UPS Shipping address
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Daytime Phone Number
  • The list of bacteria or chemicals for which we will be testing
  • The number of samples you will be collecting during this sample collection event

You must always verify whether or not this laboratory or any laboratory has the capability and certifications to perform your analyses. This status can change from year-to year as personnel, equipment requirements and demands change.

1174 Snowy Range Road
Laramie, Wyoming 82070
Phone: (307) 742-2984 ----- FAX: (307) 742-2156

Water Analysis Request and Collection Report

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