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CHS inspectors are part of a team of inspectors along with the Department of Family Services, State Health Department and the State Fire Marshall’s office that inspect the child care facilities in the state.  CHS inspectors review each facility for health and sanitation discrepancies.  There are approximately 400 child-care facilities inspected by CHS inspectors.  CHS inspectors inspect these facilities at least once per year.  CHS evaluates the child-care facilities for food safety, environmental hazards and disease prevention.

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Sanitizing and Disinfecting Information


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Basic Requirements for Family Child Care Homes
and Family Child Care Centers

This handout is a basic list of requirements for child care facilities (not including Child Care Centers).  For a complete list of requirements, please refer to chapter 8 of the Wyoming Child Care Licensing Rules - Health and Sanitation.  Child Care Centers must meet the requirements of the Wyoming Food Safety Rule regarding food establishments.
1.  A 3-compartment sink set-up is required.  The existing 2-compartment sink plus a third wash tub may used.
2.  Home-style dishwashers may be used only if dishes are put through a sanitizing solution after they come out of the dishwasher.  (Home-style dishwashers are not approved for use in Child Care Centers.)
3.  Sanitizer strength shall be as follows:
   Kitchen utensils and toys                  Diaper changing area, tables & counters
    chlorine* 50-100 ppm                                chlorine* 100-200 ppm
      iodine 12.5-25 ppm                                      iodine 25-50 ppm
                      quaternary ammonia - follow label directions
*Artificially scented chlorine, such as lemon scent, is not approved.
4.  Toys shall be sanitized once a week or more often as needed.
5.  A proper diaper changing area shall be provided within twelve (12) feet of a handwash sink.  The diaper changing area shall be easily cleanable, nonabsorbent and shall be sanitized after each use with a solution that is kept at the changing area but out of reach of the children.
6.  Test strips shall be available to check the concentration of the sanitizer used.
7.  An accurate thermometer shall be provided in the refrigerator.
8.  A metal stem thermometer capable of displaying a range of 01-220 degrees Fahrenheit shall be available to check food and water temperatures.
9.  Hot water temperatures for children handwashing shall be no hotter than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
10.  Emergency telephone numbers shall be posted by each telephone and include the following:
       Poison Control                        Police                                       Fire
       Hospital                                  Local DFS Office                     Ambulance
11.  A step stool shall be provided at the restroom handwashing sink or the sink shall be low enough for the children to easily reach the faucet.
12.  Blankets, mats and cots shall be washed and sanitized at least weekly.
13.  At least one potty chair per four children shall be provided for children being toilet trained.
14. All food used in the child care facility shall come from an approved source.  Wild game and home canned foods are not allowed.
15.  All potentially hazardous foods used in the child care facility shall be heated to the proper temperature.  Any leftovers shall be properly cooled.  For proper heating and cooling of foods, please refer to the booklet on Food Safety, available from your Wyoming Department of Agriculture inspector.

Wyoming Department of Agriculture