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State Meat Program

There are approximately 80 meat plants in the state of Wyoming. The meat plants are broken down into 3 categories; state inspected, custom exempt, and wild game. CHS inspectors inspect the state meat plants whenever the slaughter and processing of animals occurs. The inspector reviews the slaughter process of all animals from the time they are received at the plant to the time the carcass is placed in the cooler. The meat processed in a state inspected plant can be sold to any stores or individuals within the state of Wyoming but cannot be sold out of state. CHS inspectors are in the state inspected meat plants during all slaughter and processing procedures. In some instances, this requires the CHS inspector to be in the plant on a daily basis. The custom exempt meat plants slaughter animals and process the meat for the individual owner. Meat processed in a custom exempt plant cannot be sold to stores or other individuals. Some state and custom meat plants will purchase meat from a federally inspected plant then further process the meat and then can sell it to other stores or individuals. Wild game meat plants process only wild game and are typically only in operation during the wild game season.

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Wyoming Food, Drug & Cosmetic Safety Act

Wyoming Food Safety Rule

List of Requirements for State Inspected and Custom Exempt Slaughter and Processing Facilities

Required Documents and Forms for State Plants

Required Documents and Forms for Custom Plants

USDA Poultry Slaughter Exemptions

9 CFR Part 200 to End


Cattle Receiving

CCP Corrective Action Record

Cured Cooling Record

Uncured Cooling Record

E.Coli Listeria Lab Sample

Beef E.Coli Chart

Swine E.Coli Chart

Lamb E.Coli Chart

Jerky Lethality Records Form

Label Approval Form

Listeria Record Sheet

Listeria Sampling Sheet

Operational SSOP Log

Pre-Op Processing Log

Pre-Op Slaughter Log

Pre-Shipment Review

Raw Ground

Raw Not Ground

Revision Log

Rodent and Insect Control Log

Slaughter Records Sheet

Smoked Cooked Record

Smoked Cooked Record-Corrective Action

Thermometer Calibration

Verification Log Sheet

Combined HACCP Raw


General Meat Plant Plan Review

Slaughter Plan Review

Processing Plan Review

Poultry Plan Review

Door to Door Sales Policy 2011

Food Donations Policy 2011

Meat Recall Plan

Meat Recall Plan Simulation

Limited English Proficiency Plan

USDA And Justice for All Nondiscrimination and Civil Rights Compaint Filing Procedures Poster

USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form

Wyoming Department of Agriculture