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Request for Proposals

Curious Cows

  • Request for Proposal

APRGP Grant Application Information

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APRGP General Information

13-14 Biennium 1st Round Funded Projects:

-Bulbous Bluegrass-Control-

-Effect of Time and Fertilizer Management on Quinoa Production-

-Genetic Resistance to High Altitude Disease in Cattle-

-Perennial Cool Season Grasses for Hay Production-

13-14 Biennium 2nd Round Funded Projects:

-Reducing Harvest Losses in Dry Bean Production-

-Soil Health, Water Use, Fertilizer Recommendations for Sugar Beets-

-Development and Validation of PCR test for Brucella abortus-

-Wyoming Production of Locally Bred Winter Pea-

-Role of Cell Mediated Immunity -RB-51 Vaccine - Brucellosis-

-Economic Benefit & Cost of Vaccinating D. Sheep - Blue Tongue-

-Wheat Weather Monitoring-

Updated 10/19/15

(Photo credit: tricky (rick harrison) via photopin cc)

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