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Mission Statement:

The Wyoming Agriculture and Natural Resource Mediation Program sees to encourage the use of mediation, technical review teams and other community/shared decision making processes to help people impacted by agricultural, natural resource and related conflicts to find mutually agreeable solutions.


  1. The operation of a USDA certified mediation program.
  2. The training, continuing education and certification of mediators.
  3. The development of lists and the provision of names of qualified mediators to persons interested interested in utilizing mediation to resolve their disputes.
  4. The development of lists and recommendation of technical review teams TRT to persons seeking assistance in addressing natural resource issues.
  5. Partnering with other interested parties in the promotion of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and collaborative decision making in a variety of settings within the State.
  6. Continued interaction with other states' mediation programs and national organizations.
Wyoming Department of Agriculture