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The Mediation Program annually offers several training opportunities for mediators and the general public. To be added to the training listserve, email Lucy Pauley at


We are planning several events to celebrate Conflict Resolution Day in October. Click here to learn about the webinars and workshop during the week of October 12-16.


From our partners at UW Extension


October 19 & 20 - Pinedale, WY

Public participation and community input-gathering are increasing in both importance and complexity. Citizens want and need to be engaged in decisions that impact them, and those who manage community engagement need the process to be respectful, positive, and useful, creating the best possible outcomes for all concerned.This class will focus on the planning, communication, and facilitation skills necessary for professionals working in public participation.

At the end of the class participants will be able to:

• Communicate the relevance and benefits of public participation

• Define public participation and what distinguishes it from other disciplines

• Plan and communicate a variety of ways to engage stakeholders in decisions and input-gathering

• Recognize the facilitation skills needed in public participation, and begin to implement them

FACILITATION BASICS: Getting Results with Groups

October 22 & 23, Jackson, WY

Facilitation is more than just a “soft skill” nice for leaders to have, but rather a core competency essential for achieving results in groups. From planning an agenda, setting up the right meeting space, engaging participants, and managing problem behavior, these skills will make the teams you lead more productive and effective, and better stewards of your most importance resource: your time.

At the end of the class participants will be able to:

• Define the role of the facilitator and the characteristics of an effective facilitator

• Identify the key principles of facilitation and the factors that make facilitated meetings a success

• Describe the best practices related to various meeting management and group process skills

• Observe and receive tools for a number of facilitation techniques and skills

For more information or to register, please contact Tara Kuipers, UW Extension at or 307-527-8560

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