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The Mediation Program annually offers several training opportunities for mediators and the general public. To be added to the training listserve, email Lucy Pauley at


Mediation Webinar: Taking a Look at Intake

July 29, 2015 - 11:30 a.m.

Join us for our next webinar on Wednesday, July 29 at 11:30 a.m. (MDT). Our summer intern Callie Capraro will lead us in a discussion of Admissible and Confidential Post-Mediation Evidence. If a case continues after mediation, what is the mediator’s role in litigation? This webinar will discuss the factual scenarios that could lead to a court order for a mediator to testify. There will also be a comparison of some jurisdictions outside of Wyoming that have various confidentiality statutes. This webinar will also address some ways that the term “mediation communications” has been interpreted and applied to issues of post-mediation litigation.

To sign up, contact Lucy Pauley at (307) 777-8788 or email

Mediation Webinar: A Conversation with Lucy Moore

Join us for a webinar on Thursday, August 13 at 11:30 a.m. (MDT.) Our guest speaker will be Lucy Moore, author of Common Ground on Hostile Turf. Since the late 1980s Lucy has worked as a mediator, facilitator, trainer and consultant, specializing in natural resource and public policy disputes. She continues to work, as Lucy Moore Associates, with a diverse group of colleagues on both regional and national cases, often with a multi-cultural or tribal component. She has a credibility and depth of experience in Indian country rare in conflict resolution practitioners. Lucy regularly mentors those who might otherwise not have access to her field, believing that the future health of the profession depends on its diversity and accessibility. Lucy will talk with us about her experiences in the mediation field and how issues of culture, personality, history, and power affect negotiations. And she illustrates that equitable solutions depend on a healthy group dynamic. Both the mediator and opposing parties must be honest, vulnerable, open, and respectful. Easier said than done, but Moore proves that subtle shifts can break the logjam and reconcile even the most fiercely warring factions. Lucy lives in Santa Fe, NM.

Common Ground on Hostile Turf is available for purchase at and participants of the webinar can receive a 25% discount and free shipping. To sign up, contact Lucy Pauley at (307) 777-8788 or email


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