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Mediation IDEAs is published twice a year and is available in a printed and electronic format. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, contact Lucy at (307) 777-8788 or

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Winter 2017

front page of the Mediation Newsletter

What We Mediated in 2017
Fair Treatment For All in Farm Transitions
Farm Service Agency: A Legacy of Assisting Wyoming Farmers and Ranchers
Who are our Mediators: Jennifer Stone

Upcoming Workshops and Training Opportunities for Producers
Mediation Board Seeks Two New Members

Spring/Summer 2017

Using Mediation for Organic Certification Disputes
Agricultural Producers & Stress
Who are our Mediators: Kimberly Chapman
Mediation Success Story: Mediation Improves Communication and Enables Farmer to Recoup Crop Loss
Basic Mediation Training Offered this Summer

Fall 2016

Publication Available: A Rancher's Guide to NEPA and Permit Renewals
Who are our Mediators?
Depression can be Difficult for Spouses Too
Mediation Provides Loan Applicant with Road Map for Future Farming Operations
FSA: A Legacy of Assisting Wyoming Farmers and Ranchers

Spring/Summer 2016

Who are our Mediators?
Making it Through Tougher Times in Agriculture Business - Strategies
Tips on Recognizing and Dealing with Depression
Special Insert: Mediation Questionnaire
Mediation, Agricultural Producers and Behavioral Health Issues

Winter 2015

Mediation Training: Not Just for Mediators
Do We Have to Come to Cheyenne and other FAQ's about Mediation
Meet our Mediators
FSA Farm Loan Program has Record Year
Mediation Success Stories: A Rural Development Example
Permit Renewal Workshop

Spring 2015

Agricultural Mediation Around the State
Changing How Your Agricultural Operation Conducts Business Can Adversely Affect Existing Farm Loan Program Customers
An Intern's Perspective on Agricultural Mediation
Annie's Project Helps Women Farm
Mediation Success Story: A Farm Credit Loan Example Coming Soon: Essentials of Facilitating Public Participation Workshops
Meet our Mediators

Winter 2014

Mediators Learn About Energy Development on Split Estate Land
Tips for Starting a Difficult Conversation
USDA Farm Services Agency Announces Key Dates for New 2014 Farm Bill Safety Net
Farm Services Agency Farm Loan Programs Has Record Year
Coming Soon: Essentials of Facilitating Public Participation Workshops
Mediating with Co-ops or Other Ag Businesses

Spring 2014

Mediation and the USDA Disaster Relief Program
Use of CRM's to Establish Cooperative Monitoring with the BLM
Mediation Board Welcomes Gil McEndree
Planning for the Dry Years: Resources Available
Mediation Success Story: An FSA Example
Succession Planning Guide Highlights Strategies

Fall 2013

Inside a Mediation Session
Starting Small
Facilitation Training Available
Mediation Success Story: Joint Fact Finding Helps Parties Resolve Dispute over Wetlands
Collaboration Program in Natural Resources Seeks Applicants
Mediation and Crop Insurance Disputes

Spring 2013

USFS Grazing Permits and Mediation
Coming Soon: Drought Contingency Workshop for USFS and BLM Permittees
FSA Administrator Urges Timely DCP/ACRE Enrollment
Mediation Success Story: Mediation Keeps Family-Owned Orchard in Business
Collaboration Program in Natural Resources
NEW Agriculture Producer Research Grant
2013 Centennial Farm & Ranch Applications Now Accepted

Fall 2012

Should I Request Mediation?
Mediation & Facilitation: Knowing the Difference Can Make a Difference
Centennial Farm & Ranch Awards
Two Wyoming CRMs Receive Awards
Seminars for Women Working in Agriculture
Farm Services Agency Assists Beginning Farmers
Conflict Resolution Day in Wyoming: Second Annual Celebration
Mediation Success Story: Mediation Enables Farmers to Understand County Committee Decisions

Spring 2012

Mediation in Wyoming: The Process is Growing in Our State
Mediation Board Bids Farewell to Doug Wagner
Mediation Board Welcomes New Member
Resources Available: Choosing a Therapist or a Counselor
UW CES Community Development Team: Helping Organizations Master Conflict Management
Mediation Success Story: A Rural Housing Loan Example
Centennial Farm & Ranch Awards Program
Ruckelshaus Institute: 2012 Summer Workshop Series

Fall 2011
Technical Review Teams: A Tool for Resolving Conflict
Conflict Resolution Day in Wyoming Celebrated
Educational Opportunities for Producers
Mediation Program Training Opportunities
Mediation Success Story: A Farm Credit Example
How to Request Mediation
Centennial Farm & Ranch Program

Spring 2011
Springtime: Green grass, new life and conflict?
Mediation Board welcomes new member
Mediation Board thanks Barbara Hauge
Small Claims Court Mediation in Wyoming
Centennial Farm & Ranch Program
Mediation: Finding a win-win solution

Fall 2010

Mediation FAQs

Mediation Success Story

New Conservation Loan Program

Training Opportunities

New Information for "Passing it On"

The Value of Structure

Spring 2010
The Mediation Program Today
The History of the Wyoming Agriculture & Natural Resources Mediation Program
Mediation Success Story: Restructuring Farm Loans to Feed Supply Stores
Mediation Board Welcomes New Member: Elaine Walsh
Training Opportunities
Mediation Everyday: A Testimonial
New UW Faculty to Promote Collaboration

Summer 2009
Sign-up for the Electronic Newsletter
Dr. Alan Schroeder Honored as a Friend of Agriculture
How to Suggest Mediation
What can you Mediate?
Training Opportunities
Mediation: A Practical Alternative to Business Disputes
Using Principles of Mediation for Large Cultural Group Interventions
Estate Planning Resource Still Available
UW ENR Welcomes New Faculty Member

Winter 2009
How to be a Good Neighbor: and what to do when things go south
How to Prepare for Mediation
What’s Being Done about Brucellosis?
Mediation, Cooperative Extension, and the Human Connection
Interest-Based Negotiation Training Offered

Summer 2008
Programs for Landowners
CRM’s in Wyoming
Range Monitoring Assistance Available
Changes in Business Structure & FSA Participation
Wyoming AgrAbility
My Summer at the WDA

Spring 2008
Agricultural Mediation in Wyoming
Mediation Success Story
UW to Develop Expertise in Collaborative Processes
Strategies for Handling Difficult Conversations
Family Mediation: Why Mediate Divorce Cases?

Winter 2007
Mediation Program Co-hosts Estate Planning Workshops
Creative Conflict – How Collaboration can Cut through the Bickering
Mediation Success Story – Loan Restructuring Case
Stevenson Selected as Natural Resources and Policy Manager
The Importance of Pre-Meetings in Mediation

Summer 2007
Resolving Natural Resource Conflicts
Will We Have to Talk About Our Feelings?
Economic Impact of Mediation vs. Litigation
Mediation Program Offers Training Opportunities
Estate Planning Resource Available
Mediation Tools: The Caucus

Summer 2006
Mediation Program Sponsors Estate Planning Handbook
Good Faith: A Mediation Success Story
Little Sandstone Allotments: Finding Common Ground via a TRT
Workplace Conflict – A Controllable Cost
Mediation Board Members Recognized

Wyoming Department of Agriculture