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When parties are involved in an oil and gas dispute, mediation can be a useful process for both landowners and energy development companies. Mediation provides an opportunity for both sides to discuss the situation with the help of an experienced neutral and brainstorm creative solutions to meet the concerns of the landowner while also letting the energy company move forward with development. The Wyoming Agriculture & Natural Resources Mediation Program is available to assist Wyoming landowners and industry companies with mediation and facilitation services. If you are interested in seeking mediation for an oil and gas conflict, a surface use agreement dispute or other energy development related issue, please contact Lucy Pauley at (307) 777-8788 or by email at

More information on Mediation and Energy Development

Mediation mentioned in the Governor's Energy Policy

Mediation discussed in Wyoming Statutes W.S. 30-5-401 "Entry to Conduct Oil and Gas Operations" specifically at W.S. 30-5-402(f)

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