Wildlife/Livestock Disease Research Partnership Print

The interactions of livestock and wildlife may lead to mutual or shared diseases. Some of these diseases may have the potential to adversely affect Wyoming's livestock producers and influence the management of Wyoming's free-ranging wildlife. Research into these diseases may provide strategies or solutions that benefit Wyoming's livestock industries and wildlife resources.

The purpose of the Wyoming wildlife/livestock disease research partnership is to utilize existing personnel and facilities of the state, to identify funding sources, to enhance wildlife and livestock disease research in the state, and to understand, manage, control and preempt potentially mutual or shared diseases that may impact wildlife, livestock or humans.

The wildlife/livestock research partnership board created within the department shall consist of the following members or their designees:

  • Director of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture
  • Director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department
  • Vice-president for research at the University of Wyoming
  • Director of the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory
  • The State Veterinarian

The board shall:

  • Accept funding from all sources, including federal, state and local governments and private donations to carry out the purpose of this article.
  • Leverage funds received to match other funds that may be available to the board.
  • Deposit funds received into the account created by W.S. 11-19-603. No funds may be withdrawn or otherwise expended without specific consent of at least three members of the board.
  • Accept, review and prioritize research proposals submitted to the board.
  • Seek support for programs and projects consistent with the purposes of the board.
  • Allocate funds for research which serve the goals of understanding, managing, controlling or preempting potentially mutual or shared diseases that impact wild and domestic animals or humans in the state.

In approving research requests for funding, the board shall first consider any requests for funding from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, the University of Wyoming, the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and the Wyoming Livestock Board. After consideration of requests from those state agencies, the board may consider requests from other entities.

All research projects requesting funding from the board shall be submitted to the board in a for and manner specified by the board. The approval of not less than three members of the board shall be required prior to funding of a project with funds received under this section.

Also, a wildlife/livestock disease research partnership account has been created. Funds from this account shall be used only for purposes specified in W.S. 11-19-602. Any interest earned on the account shall remain within the account.

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