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Analytical Services Lab

Consumer Health Services

Natural Resources & Policy

Technical Services


Wolfs 102 - Payment Voucher (Vendor Signature)

Wolfs 103 - Payment Voucher (Invoice Attached)

Wolfs 104 - Travel Expense Voucher

Wolfs 109 - Vendor Management Packet

Direct Bill Authorization

Map Mileage Calculation

Mileage Rates

M&IE Rates and Meal Deductions - Effective 10/1/2017

M&IE Rates and Meal Deductions - Effective 10/1/2016

Office Equipment and Furniture Request

One-Day Meal Reimbursement

Purchasing Card Approval

Wyoming Department of Agriculture - Travel Request

A&I-25 - Travel Request

Wellness Waiver

Wellness Procedures

Specialty Crop Grant Information

Scholarship Program

Event Sponsorship Program

Reimbursement and Final Report Form

2017 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program Application and Template

2017 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program Manual

2017 Specialty Crop Sample Proposal

2017 Organic Certification Reimbursement Grant Application

Analytical Services Lab:

Antifreeze -
Registration Form

Feed, Forage & Fertilizer Forms -
Feed, Forage & Fertilizer Sample Analysis Request Form

Water Forms -
Water Analysis Request and Collection Report
Fluoride Collection and Analysis Report
Lead and Copper Request and Collection Report - Private Supplies

Information Documents - Lab -
Laboratory Service Fees

Information Documents - Forage -
Forage Sampling for Nitrate
Explanation of Nitrate Containing Forages

Information Documents - Water -
Water Sampling Instructions
Use of Whirl-Pack for Water Sampling
Evaluation of Potable Water Analyses
Evaluation and Classification of Irrigation Water
Instructions for Disinfecting Wells and Water Systems

Consumer Health Services::

Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Classes Registration Form

Cooking Checklist

Holding Checklist

Receiving Checklist

Natural Resources & Policy:

Rangeland Health Assessment Application

Wyoming Rangeland Monitoring Guide

Technical Services:

Affidavit of Training

Aerial Hunting - Gunner and Pilot Application

Aerial Hunting Monthly Report Form

Apiary - New Location Application

Apiary - Pollination Apiary Request

Consumer Complaint Form

Continuing Education Course Credit Request Form

Grain Warehouse and Warehouseman's Bond

Letter of Good Standing Online Request Form

Plant Industry License Application

  • Grain Warehouseman
  • Nursery Stock Dealer
  • Nursery Stock Salesman
  • Pesticide Dealer
  • Seed Cleaner/Conditioning
  • Seed Dealer

Pesticide/Predator Aircraft Licensing Application

Placing in Service Reports - NEW!
Small Scales - 0-1000 lbs.
Large Scales - 1000+ lbs.
Propane Meters
All Other Meters

Product Registration

Weights & Measures Registered Service Technician Application

Weights & Measures License Application

  • Small Capacity Scales
  • Medium Capacity Scales
  • Large Capacity Scales
  • Mineral System Scales
  • Livestock Scales
  • Gas Pumps & Liquid Measuring Devices
  • Vehicle Tank Meters
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas Meters
  • Refined Fuel Loading Racks Meters
  • Grain Moisture Meters