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Click on the link below to access the Registered Service Technician Application. The application must be filled out prior to scheduling the exam at one of the testing locations. Questions?

Application and FAQ


New Applicants and Applicants with Expired Licenses

All new applicants must take and pass an exam in order to be licensed. The exam can be scheduled at any of the Testing Locations. There is an exam fee of $10 per exam attempted (minimum $20) that will need to be submitted prior to your license being processed.

You must submit an application, current certificates of calibration for any equipment used during testing, license fee and exam fee (if applicable) for your license to be processed.This information must be submitted at time of testing at the testing center. It will then be forwarded to the Department of Agriculture for processing.

  • To schedule equipment calibration in necessary, contact Bob Weidler at 307.777.7556 or your local NIST Certified Metrology Laboratory.

Upon passing the exam and providing the required documentation and payment you will be issued a certification that will be valid through March 31 of the third year of issue and a license that will be valid through March 31 of the following year of issue. License must be maintained in good standing in order for certification to be maintained (if you allow your license to expire your certification will also expire). You must also maintain a valid certification in order for your license to be renewed annually.

Renewing Applicants
RST Licenses expire on March 31st of each year. To renew your existing RST license you must have a current certification. If you have a current certification you will be mailed a license renewal form to sign and return with payment each year. It is important to make sure we have a current mailing address for you.

Applicant must meet one of the following four requirements in order to maintain their certification. This must be completed during the valid term of your certification:

  1. Attending the annual re-certification short course;
    1. Normally offered in February each year by the WDA.

  2. Re-examination in all applicable categories;
    1. Scheduled at any Testing Locations.

  3. Attendance at any National Institute of Standards and Technology, company, or other authorized training that provides a minimum of six (6) hours of classroom instruction, seminar attendance, professional study; or
    1. Must submit summary of training and proof of attendance for approval by program coordinator prior to submitting renewal.

  4. Completion and documentation of any relevant online coursework.
    1. Must submit summary of training and proof of attendance for approval by program coordinator prior to submitting renewal.

What You Need To Know for the Exam

In order to take the exam you will need to review the applicable sections of NIST Handbook 44, Wyoming State Statutes and Wyoming Department of Agriculture Rules and Regulations.

2014 Version NIST Handbook 44

Wyoming State Statutes

Wyoming Department of Agriculture Rules and Regulations

Testing Locations

The link below will show you the current testing sites available.
Testing Locations

You will need to contact one of these sites in order to schedule a time to take the exam.

General Testing Information:

  • All exams are online. If you require the test in an alternate format you must inform the testing location when scheduling the examination.

  • All RST exams are open book and open note so bring copies of all relevant materials with you as they can be used when answering the questions. There is no time limit on the exam.

Materials needed for testing:

You need a basic understanding of how to use a computer.
You will need to bring a pen, scratch paper, and a calculator with you to the exam.

Program Contact Information

Scott McDonald
Program Coordinator/Licensing and Exam Coordinator
Cell: 307-220-2963
Fax: 307-777-6593


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