Pesticides and Wyoming Homeowners

Wyoming Agriculture


Chemicals are a helpful tool in managing unwanted pests. Educate yourself to protect you and your family while using, applying and disposing of chemicals.

1 Factors that increase pesticide movement toward water
2 How You Can Protect Groundwater
3 Spill Cleanup
4 Cleaning Equipment
5 Application


  • Insecticide: a substance used to destroy insect pests
  • Herbicide: a chemical that destroys plants, esp one used to control weeds
  • Pesticide: a chemical used for killing pests, esp insects and rodents
  • Fungicide: a substance or agent that destroys or is capable of destroying fungi
  • Rodenticide: a substance used for killing rats, mice, and other rodents
  • General Use Pesticide: General Use Pesticide means any pesticide formulation not classified as restricted use.
  • Restricted Use Pesticide: "Restricted use pesticide" means any pesticide product, the label of which states "restricted use" as required for registration by the environmental protection agency under the federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act of 1972, as amended.