Pesticides and Wyoming Homeowners

Wyoming Agriculture

Storage, Transport, and Disposal

Photos: Amy Jerup Teton County Weed & Pest

  • Keep pesticides in original containers.
  • Do not transport pesticides in the passenger space of any vehicle.
  • Store pesticides away from food, children, pets, and livestock.
  • Prevent accidental poisonings by securing pesticides under lock, especially when the storage area might possibly be accessed by children.
  • Never pour pesticides down the drain. Use them on labeled sites. Leftover products should be disposed in conjunction with local toxics disposal, or call your solid waste district for advice.
  • Prevent products from freezing.
  • Deplete pesticide inventories before purchasing new or additional products.

Where can I safely dispose of my chemicals?

Contact your local Weed & Pest office or your local Conservation District for upcoming disposal dates in your area.

Monitoring for Pesticides in Wyoming’s Water

In 1991, members if local, State, and Federal governments, as well as industry and interest groups formed the Ground-water and Pesticide Strategy Committee to prepare the State of Wyoming’s generic Management Plan for Pesticides in Ground Water. Part of this plan was to determine if pesticides are found in the Wyoming’s water. The Wyoming Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Geological Survey have sampled the State’s groundwater and surface water for pesticides since 1995. Details of the sampling efforts can be found in publications and on the web.